By the grace of the Almighty Allah (swt), the school has made great strides over the last few years to achieve a place in the top ten schools in Manchester. This achievement has come a long way in meeting the school’s objective of providing all its pupils with the highest level of academic and Islamic education in an Islamic environment at the lowest possible cost.

The cost of educating each one of our girls is approximately £4,910.00 per annum. However, despite the school fees, each girl is subsidized by the school. The cost on the other hand has continued to increase, this is because we are still constantly striving to improve our efficiency and reduce our costs to enable us to maintain our low fees and subsidies as much as possible. In this respect we would appeal to you to assist us by ensuring that the following procedures applicable to the fees are complied with, so that administrative costs can be controlled.

The fees for academic year 2019/2020 are as follows:

  • First Child: £5,800 (Full Fees)
  • Second Child: £4,930.00 (15% Discount)
  • Third Child and any siblings thereafter: £4,350.00 (25% Discount)

The fees must be paid by direct debit. You have an option to either pay three equal instalments or ten equal monthly instalments. Payments by cheque and cash will only be allowed by agreement from the Head Teacher in exceptional cases and only on written request from parents.

Please note School fees only cover your daughter’s tuition, textbooks, locker key, homework diary and exercise books. In addition parents are still expected to pay for uniform, equipment, trips, GCSE examination fees and school meals.

Our family of schools in the Manchester Islamic Educational Trust:

55 High Lane, Chorlton
Manchester M21 9FA

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